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Picture twenty acres of some of the most luxuriant and fragrant tropical gardens imaginable. Then set this Eden on the widest stretch of one of the most celebrated beaches in the world, Negril's famed 7-mile expanse. And you'll only just begin to get an idea why Beaches Negril is truly a paradise beyond compare. With something for every member of the family, this enchanted place promises perfection and delivers ecstasy.

For those whose ideal vacation consists of sipping colorful concoctions while dipping a toe in the surf or dozing off under a swaying coconut palm, then Beaches Negril fits your bill to the tee. For those who prefer adventure and excitement, from exploring the undersea universe to skimming along the surface of the turquoise waters on skis, or from a spirited match of tennis to a brisk workout in the state-of-the-art, open-air fitness center, then Beaches Negril is the ultimate destination for you. For kids who love Sesame Street and XBOX® to parents looking for a quiet moment alone, Beaches Negril, with its super-comprehensive kids' program, is the resort for children of all ages. With activities and entertainment to please each and every taste in your family - from the smallest infant to the hardiest grandparent - Beaches Negril makes everyone's fantasies a reality and leaves you with memories that will last a lifetime.

No matter the size, shape or configuration of your family, from a compact party of two to an entire tribe of loved ones, Beaches Negril offers a whole array of rooms and suites that ensures the utmost comfort and luxury for one and all. With 9 different types of accommodations, all featuring balconies or patios overlooking the fragrant gardens or aquamarine ocean, you will be sure to feel absolutely at home in the very heart of paradise. So, indulge yourself. Revel in the warm mahogany woods and gleaming marbles. Breathe in the jasmine-scented air, wafted through your windows by balmy sea breezes. Sink into a four-poster bed. Let your kids be lulled to sleep each night by the magical sounds of ocean waves.

Whether you're in the mood for sophisticated elegance or a more casual dining experience, Beaches Negril has you covered. 5 on-property restaurants, as well as 3 additional gourmet options at our nearby Beaches Sandy Bay, gives you an impressive 8 world-class dining establishments to choose from! Journey to the far reaches of the orient, where Japanese Teppanyaki knives flash and entrees sizzle, as your meal is prepared before your very eyes. Or sample the Southwest and tantalize your taste buds with some Tex-Mex fare. Your choices are endless. From the most finicky of kids to the most discerning adult, whatever delicacies you crave, chances are your appetite will be more than satisfied at Beaches Negril.

All over the world, Negril is known for its particular brand of laid-back relaxation and its spectacular natural beauty. Where else can you begin your day creating footsteps on your very own patch of a pristine, white-sand beach that stretches on for seven gorgeous miles? And where else can you bid goodbye to the sun, drink in hand, from atop a wall of cliffs? Watch, in awe, as day gradually turns into night with an explosion of colors that transforms the entire western horizon into a dazzling display of pinks, purples, reds and golds. From first light until starlight, Negril enfolds you in its warm embrace, delighting your senses, soothing your soul and teaching you the real meaning of the word "unforgettable."

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